In April of 2021 I worked as a model maker with Designer Harry Pizzey for the English Touring Opera to create a miniature set for a 3-part 30 minute series for kid aged 9-13. 

The entire project was designed to fit around the COVID regulations at the time, with the opera singers being green-screened into the miniature set. No full scale set was ever made. 

Mood board sent by the designer and a series of test samples. The chosen sample is the purple and blue trees on the top left.

Before After

Slide the controller in the middle from side to side to compare the Designers sketch and the watercolour painted piece

Before After

The way the Designer and I worked was him sending through a rough sketch of what he wanted along with a loose colour scheme and measurements. I would then free hand sketch out the design onto watercolour paper before doing a base coat. At this point if the design was complicated or something new I would update the designer before moving on to the second coat and the detail. When dry I would then cut out the design and if needed mount it onto board for stability. 

The entire set was done this way with the box for the set measuring 350 mm X 520 mm.

The complete selection of 2d set pieces I painted for the show. 

I also created 2 flowers, the ‘evil’ flower, and the ‘good’ flower. Both flowers had armature wire added to create movement. The evil flower had it added to the stem and the good flower was completely adjustable. 

As seen in the video each individual petal and leaf had a piece of armature wire sandwiched between watercolour paper to allow the flower to open and close and bend at the stem. 


This is a Personal Project from the first COVID lockdown when I was stuck in my university student house. I slowly worked my way around the room first building the walls and then adding furniture and getting more and more detailed the longer I was in lockdown in the room, even going as far to also create it in 1:25 which you can see below. 

1:25 room inside the 1:6

A selection of 1:6 pieces made for the room.


The 1:25 scale version of my university house that I made alongside the 1:6. Surprisingly this took around the same time as the 1:6 and presented a whole other range of problems and intricacies.

A selection of 1:25 model pieces made for the room. 

Originally a 2nd year university design project for a found space in Cardiff’s Catherdal Road, this project turned into a model making one. I made around 20 replicas of rooms from around the deralic buildings all in 1:25 scale and made almost entirely of mount board and paper.

A slideshow of reference images taken inside the derelict buildings on Cathedral Road, Cardiff. Originally a Vicarage for the Church of Wales the three buildings have now been demolished for a new block of flats.