Mould Making and Casting

Experience with a wide range of mould making and casting in education and applied learning and personal work. While studying at college I received training in life casting of the face, hands and entire body, along with the then treatment of that mould and the casting. As well as understanding the correct and professional way to carry out life casting, whether it be for film or theatre or as a small business. 

I have experience using Plaster, Jesmonite, Alginate, Plaster of Paris, silicone and Fibreglass and Latex. Working at a variety of scales and for learning and professional practices.

Stop motion hand armateurs cast in latex with internal armature wire structures to allow bending.

Examples of silicone moulds and Jesmonite roses cast from a silicone mould. 

Carving and Scrim

Experience working on several different projects that use foam or styrofoam from working in professional settings on large scale plastazote puppets (more pictures to come soon) or on props for theatre. 

With that came the knowledge of how to treat and prime foams for painting and hours of experience scriming simple and complex shapes.


A selection of different body parts sculpted for casting in grey sculpey. 

Puppet pigoen head as a clay sculpt and after as the 3 puppets worbla heads. 

More recently I have been professionally working with different polymer plastics such as Renaflex as part of the process to shape and strengthen puppets parts (images coming soon). 

Pattern Cutting

Experience pattern making and cutting in plastazote and foams and simple costume and fabric designs. 

Digital Skills

Proficient in AUTOCAD, using it mainly as a tool during model making but with training on its multiple uses. As well as a working knowledge of Fusion 360 which I wish to develop over time.